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Hi, I’m Chuck!

                   Final orders 6/29/24          OUT OF OFFICE 6/17-25

     Due to a necessary home project I have to temporarily cease operations as of 6/30/24. I will be selling 375 Kenmore ave and hope to continue in the charcuterie world in another capacity until I can get into another property. Any existing business through June is safe, and outside of that will be/has been contacted. Gift cards can be used in that timeframe but will not be able to honored after 6/30/24. 

     I thank my regulars, friends, family and all those who supported me through this and allowed me to use my creativity to bring them something fresh and exciting. I’m hoping this is just a pause and can get back to creating for you all soon! 


 Welcome to Chuckuterie! This page is an ongoing project as I grow and develop the wants of the ever amazing Buffalo NY community. Creating a big decadent table display is what I love doing most. Challenging your palette and eye for design keeps the creative juices flowing. Some specialty products are sourced from Murray’s Cheese based out of Manhattan NY and Buffalo Cheese Traders. Their seasonal selections let me continue to offer different products. You can even just buy the product from me and not a whole board!

How did it start?Fast forward to 2020. Taboo, I know. Like others, this was a year of self reflection; as we all asked ourselves “what am I doing?” I wasn’t totally happy with where I was or what I was doing, so I took a chance! The key was to find a name to develop this idea. I actually did not come up with the name myself, family did. It was not my first choice either. After two months thinking about it and how it would drastically change my life and last 7 years at a job I convinced myself I loved, I decided to take the plunge. The thought of quitting your job in a pandemic was insane, but I had to jump sometime. I was extremely anxious for about 3 weeks then started to appreciate this chapter; 30. Cue the birth of Chuckuterie.
What I do

The majority of my college and work experience is in catering, so my talents are steered in that direction. The table displays are definitely where the talents shine. I strive to offer a product that compliments your occasion. I want it to be a conversation piece; whether I set up and leave or stay and help guests navigate an eye opening table. From a classic graze, to incorporating sandwiches, salads, small bites and desserts, I want something for everyone,

Where does it all come from?

I  often order through Murray’s Cheese, Wisconsin Cheese and Buffalo Cheese Traders. Both of these wholesalers offer products that we in Buffalo can’t always experience. To supplement, I use local grocery stores, markets and other small businesses to achieve the diverse boards and table displays. Brands include but are not limited to: Creminelli meats, Brooklyn Cured, Mitica (forever cheese co), Rustic Bakery, Mike’s Hot Honey & Tillinghast Farms. Edible florals through Rooted Locally and Goody Girl Flower Farm

Find me at http://instagram.com/chuckuterie_ny

I want to talk about why you’re celebrating: who’s going to be there, what are they like, is there a theme, what else are you offering? Or, you tell me how many people, when and where. This should be fun! We can be as classic or crazy with this as you want to be. Preparing this for you is like preparing it for my family or friends. There’s an expectation and pride that comes along with these boards.

I’m excited to show you my creations and make some memories!

Our Hand Crafted Selections

Individual Boards

Whether you are having an intimate night with a loved one, or having a small gathering at your home, a personalized charcuterie board is always a hit.

Catering Boards

A large grazing table is a crowd pleaser at any event. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, there is something for every one and every tastebud.

Corporate Snack Packs

There is nothing like catering your next meeting or holiday party with a customized charcuterie board. Your clients and your employees will thank you.

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